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  • Easy to Use Security Solution

    Sunrise Antivirus offers complete protection from various viruses, malware, worms and Trojans. It uses proactive virus detection technology that instantly detects and removes most potent threats to make your computer system safe and secure.

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    Indian Antivirus
  • Manageable settings and on-time alerts

    Sunrise Antivirus offers a perfect end-to-end security solution for your computer system. It provides an alert whenever viruses and malware try to infect your PC. Prompt alerts keep your system protected against viruses or malware attacks.

    Download Free Antivirus Need Help ? +91-85 11 44 77 99
    Antivirus in India
  • Latest updates for better sync

    Sunrise Antivirus offers database update to protect your computer system from latest viruses and malware. If your PC is connected to the Internet, latest updates will be downloaded and installed automatically to ensure complete protection against viruses.

    Download Free Antivirus Need Help ? +91-85 11 44 77 99
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Download Free Antivirus
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Download Antivirus Software For Your Computer

Download Free Antivirus: Sunrise Antivirus presents you with PC antivirus software. Get the antivirus and enjoy a secure computing experience effortlessly. You can  download free antivirus for your PC at home and/or office, it works efficiently in both the environments. The best feature of this free antivirus software is its light weight. It is observed that most of the antivirus suites for PC consume considerable memory, making your computer slow and sluggish. But since, the antivirus is a light-weight software, it does not slow your computer’s working, while establishing an entirely secure environment in the same.

Download Free Antivirus for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

Download Free Antivirus : You can download it for free using the direct link. The downloaded setup file comes with the full installation package that works even offline. Simply run the antivirus software setup on your Windows PC and follow the clear guiding steps its installation wizard presents. You would not need any registration key or any other special assets for downloading free antivirus.

The installation process of free antivirus for PC is surprisingly easy, considering the complex redirecting procedures of other free antivirus suites available in the market, but if you think that downloading and installing is the easiest part of the software, you are notably wrong. The maintenance of the said antivirus is still easier. It comes with a friendly and intuitive user interface, that allows you to access all the primary functions like quick-scan, full-scan, external-drive explore, etc. from the same interface. Moreover, when you use the free antivirus software while working online, you will receive latest news updates that will keep you ahead of every emerging PC security threat. antivirus downloads, computer antivirus software download, download anti virus software, online antivirus download, download antivirus for computer, download pc antivirus, download antivirus software for pc, download of antivirus, antivirus in india, antivirus download for computer, software antivirus download, download the antivirus, antivirus software download for pc, download latest antivirus for pc, downloads antivirus, download for antivirus, download computer antivirus, antivirus download for xp, antivirus download for windows, download antivirus pc.

Features of Sunrise Antivirus

Many a time users hesitate from downloading free antivirus suites considering them to be less efficient. However, it is to be noted that many of the free antivirus software available in the market are offering complete protection from IT threats like Malware, backdoors, browser spying tools, etc. Whereas some of the expensive antivirus programs too do not offer all that is required to protect a system. Therefore, drop the assumption that paid antivirus suites are comprehensively efficient, and that free antivirus programs are unsound. Simply look for the features that you need and go for the most reliable and economical solution. Wondering what features antivirus have? Take a look.

  • Lightest on system memory
  • Real-time Scan
  • External Drive Protection
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Latest Updates for better sync
  • Core Protection
  • Right-click scan
  • Drag & Drop Feature

Because of the above-stated features, the free version of antivirus is considered to be one user-friendly security software, by all our customers. Its proficiency in detecting and removing the emerging threats is just like a power punch. It works just like a forceful  target killing all the harmful computer threats in an instant. So stop waiting already and download the free antivirus for your computer today. It is the ideal PC security solution for any Windows desktop or laptop, working on all the recent versions of the same including Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. You can install it on your office or home PC and enjoy the safety of complete IT security for one whole year.

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  • "Free Antivirus for Windows 10"
    Amit Mangroliya,Ahmedabad

    Sunrise Antivirus sounds good to me. Checking key elements to expel the weight from unpracticed clients from figuring assurance out. It does this pretty much out of sight, not by any stretch of the imagination meddling with the client's action. Download Free Antivirus now!

    "Installing Free Antivirus for PC"
    Shubham Shah, Surat

    I'm a college student and usually work on my Laptop to make my assignments, but I don't know how they got modified by itself. Later one of my friends told me that my laptop might got infected by viruses and asked me to download a Sunrise free antivirus software.

    "Sniper Free Antivirus 2016"
    Rajesh Ramani, Rajkot

    Got stuck while surfing the Internet!! Then you must download the Sunrise Antivirus. Even I'm using it from the last few months and it is so easy to use and protects the PC undoubtedly. A well-designed anti-virus package with improved malware protection results

  • "Sunrise Antivirus"
    Vaibhav Patel, Ahmedabad

    It has done best to protect my PC against viruses. Also, it has given the real-time security against the web based attacks. I feel secure as it offers a protecting layer to keep all my confidential information safe.

    "Download Antivirus"
    Ajay Kubavat, Vadodara

    I am pleased by the prompt and quick response given for the support service and ranks best among all the anti viruses for me. Thank you for the solving my issues related to virus removal. Keep up the great work.

    "Sunrise Antivirus"
    Dipak Patel, Surat

    Sunrise Antivirus essentially provides protection against viruses. It was easy to install the software and doesn't make the system slow down without hampering my important work. Thank you Sunrise Team.