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All information enclosed on the website (www.sunriseav.com) is protected through copyright. No piece of work published on the website can be reproduced or distributed in any form unless prior permission (written) from Sunrise Antivirus.

Trademark guidelines

Users are requested to get abide by Trademark usage guidelines published on the part of Sunrise Antivirus. This in turn assists users in gathering information related to appropriate use of the trademark. If you have any query related to trademarks/patents/copyright, write us to following e-mail id: support@sunriseav.com

You are presumed to have read the Trademark usage guidelines, and you shall be bound to these when you directly or indirectly use, sell, deal, and distribute Sunrise Antivirus's variety of products.

The term "Sunrise Antivirus's Trademarks" will include:
Authority to use

The users of the Sunrise will be granted authority to use after abidance all legal regulations. As per the legal regulations, users of

Use of software

The software and other accompanying documents provided to download through sunrise’s website copyrighted work of the company. Use of the software is governed by terms of the end user license agreement, which accompanies such software. You are not allowed to use or download Sunrise Antivirus's software until and unless you agree with the terms of end user license agreement. You have no right to modify the Sunrise Antivirus's software content, and codes.

Software Piracy Policy

Software piracy is also known as the reproduction and / or illegal distribution of the software. Purchasing Sunrise Antivirus's software is actually purchasing the license to use the security software. That license describes how you may legally use our software.

If someone uses Sunrise Antivirus's software surpassing the scope of the valid license, that company or person — is violating the copyright law and license agreement. Whether Sunrise Antivirus's software piracy is intentional or not, it is still illegal and punishable by law.

Use of website information

Apart from reading information on this site, you may view, print and distribute documents on this website to the following terms and condition

Products Availability

You have the right to access Sunrise website from countries all around the world and may include references to Sunrise products and programs that have not been announced in the country yet. These references do not express that Sunrise intends to announce such products, or programs in your country.