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Date 2015-06-19
Language  English
System  Windows
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 Features Of Sunrise Total Security
1.  Light Weight Solution Means take Less Than 100 MB RAM & Take 1 CPU Core with Multi Threading Scan Technology. 
No Load on CPU so it's working fine with PC have 1 GB RAM & 1 Ghz CPU. 
2.  Scanning Method to Handle 4 GB file without any extra RAM  and CPU.
3.  Signature less USB protection. Automatically clean virus and show hidden files & folders. So Never Lose Your Data.
4.  Ransomware Protection. Our behaviour based engine detect ransomware activity and clean ransomware instantly.
5. Our Mail Protection automaticaly detect malicious document and avoid to run in User system.
6. Our Family Protection mode automatically block ads, phishing and malicious website without any type of extra load on Memory.
7. Our Coolest Drag & Drop Feature allow user to scan any file or folder just via Dragging. Also scan via Right click any file or folder .
8. Fastest Activation via Online. Just Enter Licence Key, Email ID & Mobile No. Click on Activation. That's It.
Customer receive Confirmation SMS & Email.
Our New Deactivation feature allows to transfer licence from one computer to another computer.
9. Our Setup Size is Only 38 MB. It's support in Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 & 10. Both 32 bit and 64 bit.
Our Setup take less than 120 Seconds to Install in Any Windows Computer. 
Customer Support : +91 9732868246
We Are Made in Universe. Made By Nature. Made with Love . Made with Smile .